Students Contest

Rogério De Castro and Pedro Rosa are the winners of the Lürzer's Archive Students Contest 2014

For the second consecutive year, it is once again a team from São Paulo’s Miami Ad School ESPM that has scooped the Lürzer’s Archive Student of the Year Award. 

Rogério De Castro and Pedro Rosas won over both our readers and the small jury we put together that consisted of myself and last year’s Lürzer's Archive Student of the Year team, Bruno Faria da Rocha and Victor Malaguti, as well as Francisco Vallé, the top art director in our three-year Lürzer’s Archive Online Ranking. Despite the high quality of the submissions, especially the top seven, which I showcased here a few weeks ago, we all agreed to select their Band-Aid ad for the Lürzer’s Archive Student of the Year Award.It was the toughest decision in quite a few years but finally a very clear one. Victor summed it up best when he said: “It’s a purely visual idea that I would like to have had myself. It is extremely simple and strongly connected to the brand. No words or logo were needed for the message to be transmitted. The execution looks perfect, this ad is gorgeous.

Rogério De Castro originally hails from Petrópolis, Brazil, but has lived in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and London. His father was an illustrator and designer back in the 1970s and 80s, and Rogério counts him as his first inspiration. In São Paulo he studied advertising at Miami Ad School, and graphic design at IED. Since graduating from Miami Ad School he has moved to Brasília where he now works as a freelance designer. When invited to name a few of his idols, Rogério cited Milton Glaser, Alex Bogusky, Piet Mondrian, Carl Sagan, Stefan Sagmeister and Shepard Fairey. “I am an amateur astronomer - this is my hobby,” says Rogério. “I would say the inspiration for my work comes from astronomy - nature and the close observation of human behaviour. My strongest belief is in the power of design to create a more united world. I keep my work as simple as possible, leaving it to the viewers to fill in the rest of the story in their heads.”

The other half of the winning team, Pedro Rosas, was born in the somewhat prosaically named district of Meier, which as he himself assures me, is the “best neighborhood in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.” His father is a salesman and his mother was a dressmaker who even used to have a small factory producing bikinis. This factory was also home to an ad agency, founded by Pedro’s older brother, which did work for some of the mall boutiques that were his mother’s customers. At the age of 15, Pedro began studying at ETEC (Escola Técnica de Comunicação). He then went to college before finally attending Miami Ad School ESPM, where he met Rogério. The instructor under whose tutelage they created the Band-Aid ad was Paulo André Bione. Pedro is now a copywriter at the Artplan agency in São Paulo, and four of the campaigns he created there were shortlisted at Cannes this year. See an example of this recent work for Domino Pizzas here. It just happens to be featured in Vol. 5/2014 as well - something I discovered some time after settling on Pedro Rosas as one of the winners of our annual award.

Rogério De Castro, 28

Pedro Rosas, 26